Fucked in exchange for cash!

Straight boy gets fucked for cash

Elija was in desperate need of cash when he called us in reply to an online ad. He basically said would be willing to do anything for 500 bucks! We flew him down to our studios and briefed him. He flipped out when we told him it would be on film. So we told him we would cover his face. Enrique was the lucky boy to break in his virgin ass hole. Elija screams when Enrique penetrates his tight hole! How I love virgin straight boys!

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Straight Boys go Gay for Pay

Straight boys fuck each other for money

Jack and Jamie are in the studio today and as always, they are in desperate need of some quick and easy cash. Jamie is broke from paying bills while Jack’s girlfriend is suing him for child support. When Jack called up to ask if there were any shoots coming up, I told him that the only one available was if he took a cock up his ass. While Jack wasn’t too happy about the idea, the overwhelming need for dosh soon changed his mind.

Jack and Jamie had already done a scene together before so I knew that they would be able to take a few new things in stride such as some dildo play. The boys stood up and quickly stripped off their clothes, throwing them all over the floor before sitting next to each other on the bed and jerking themselves off to some straight porn in order to get hard. Continue…

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Straight latino fucks a dude

Anthony fucks Mike King at Bait Buddies

This week’s episode at Bait Buddies is damn hot! Straight latin boy Anthony is stacking piles of old tires at a parking lot. He says it’s a shitty job and he doesn’t get paid very well. No wonder he was quick to agree to do a porn movie for Bait Buddies – he could use some quick cash. When he got asked to show his cock, he pulls out his 8 inch dick right there at the parking lot.

Back in the studio Anthony got paired up with Mike King, a horny gay dude that loves big cocks. He has a 9 inch cock himself and because of his thin body, his cock looks even bigger than that. The straight latin boy is kind of surprised that there is no girl in the studio, but since he needs the cash so badly, he is willing to do anything for some quick cash.

The guys start out blowing each other’s big hard cocks. After a while Mike asks the latin straight boy to fuck his ass. It takes a while before Anthony breaks into Mike’s hungry asshole, but once he is in he fucks Mike with a steady rythm. Both guys stay hard during the entire movie and Anthony seems to like fucking a guy’s ass.

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